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Discover the benefits of an ultrapure water system with the EDI-technology

When in need of an ultrapure water system, you should definitely partner up with Iontech®. They came up with the perfect solution to get access to purified water. This expert is a high-tech enterprise that is specialized in the development and production of (C)EDI products. They produce high quality and efficient continuous Electro De-Ionisation products. For over 20 years their professional team has been supporting the OEM market with design, commissioning and troubleshooting Electro Deionization (EDI) systems from brands like Ionpure, E-Cell and Qua FEDI.


High quality and efficient Continuous Electro De-Ionisation products

The goal of Iontech® is to produce high quality and efficient Continuous Electro De-Ionisation products for a competitive market price. With the help of their pure water producing technology, it is possible to produce ‘ultra-pure water’ (UPW). Many industries need this type of water. Think about the power, pharmaceutical, microelectronics and food industry. The system operates continuously and that way, the quality of the water is consistent with no chemicals.In other words, this pure water technology is a very efficient, durable and environment friendly alternative to more traditional ion exchange resin systems. As a cost-saving and environment-friendly solution for ultra-pure water treatment, IONTECH’s Continuous Electro-deionization(EDI) technology causes no regeneration of chemicals or acid-base emissions, thus can fully meet the requirements of energy-saving and environmental protection. The modules work continually for long periods with low energy consumption and high recovery.

The benefits when you partner up with them

When you are in need of an high quality ultrapure water system, they can offer you complete systems, but also DC Power Supplies and controllers for (C)EDI. They offer the best price quality ration, shot lead times, module repair service and worldwide 24/7/365 support. Are you interested in an ultrapure water system from this professional? Get in touch with them and ask for tailor-made solutions.